Sunday, April 6, 2008

Inside Jokes

When we traveled this weekend, Donna mentioned that we should write down all of the hilarious things that happen on a trip so that when we're too old to still travel or remember what happened, we'll have those memories! So, only my peeps will get most of this, but here is my list of what I most want to remember from the College Station trip of '08:

  • Accosting the Schwann's man in Hamilton
  • Giving away our Schwann's stuff to the guards at Fort Hood
  • Missing a photo op with Yogi Bear
  • TURN LEFT HERE! (screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech)
  • A surprise visit from Maggie
  • "Doesn't she know that I'm Judy Hampton-Suites?"
  • Judy's phone ringing IN THE MIDDLE OF US TALKING with the ringtone, "I'm too sexy for my shirt..."
  • "Well, I thought she was just name-dropping, but now it all makes sense."

2 Espressos To Go!:

Roxanne said...
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Anonymous said...

Saturday was a great day at A&M. I've been to many Ladies Days over the past 50 years and found you 5 to be the most real, fun loving and encouraging. Your real life stories are an inspiration to me and I'm sure to many others.

Keep up the good work and yes, you should write down all the fun, crazy things that happen to you.

God bless you and yours always!